Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Oktapodi is a mini movie, it is an octopus movie. The movie took place in Greece. Room 3   watched it and they were surprised. The characters were an orange octopus called Okatapodi and a pink octopus.

The story was when Okatapodi and the pink octopus were in love but a man came and took the pink octopus. Okatapodi ran after the car for the pink octopus and the man and Okatapodi were fighting. They were safe until a bird took Oktapodi so the pink octopus had to do the same thing that the orange octopus did. The problem was when the man took the pink octopus. The solving was when the pink octopus was safe.

My opinion of this movie is awesome because it was funny how the man put on his wiper on the car and Okatapodi was moving side to side.

My favourite part was when Okatapodi saved the pink octopus but a bird came and took Oktapodi and I also like it when the man turned on his wipers and Okatapodi went side to side on the window.

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