Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Holy Spirit :)

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This week we are learning about the Holy Spirit. We did a brainstorm about us knowing the Holy Spirit.

ANZAC Letter To The Sick :)

Dear Aurora, Hola, Joshua and Valensia.

Today the whole school celebrated ANZAC Day. First we had mass. It was the whole school mass. Some parents were there. We all have to sit next to our soul friends. It was a good mass. After mass we had our liturgy. It was short but amazing. 

Some parents came and we had some visitors some the RSA (Returned and Services Association). We gathered around the grotto. Some people were holding the New Zealand flag, others were holding a vase full of water and flowers, some other people were holding a picture of a lemon squeezer ( A lemon squeezer is a hat, not an actual lemon squeezer.)

The others were just standing around the grotto. I was helping Salote with the music. I forgot to tell you guys that we had our poppies with us. We listened to this music called “The Last Post.” We were all silent. After that we read the oath.

 After reading the oath we all sang the national anthem. After singing the national anthem we all went back to our class. Mr. Hooker came to visit us. (Mr. Hooker is our old teacher.) You guys are missing out on the sausage sizzle. 

Take care! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Farewell Halamehi...

To: Halamehi

I remember the times when you were there for me through my many tears you helped me really seethat you are always there for me.

You stood close to me like a friend, there for me until the end.I will never forget you, the things you helped me through, I saw my inspiration, it is you, you were always there when I needed you, I now will always have great memories of you.

You would ask me "how are you?" I would say "I'm fine" as tears start to form in my eyes, you always knew that I was really not fine.

You are someone that I want to be like, I found out who that person is, that person is you. I hope that you remember me through your days, you have touched my heart in so many ways.

I look up to you and I see a ray of sunshine shining in on me. I knew God sent me one of his angles when he sent you to me. 

You help through it all coming to save me every time I fall. If I could say one word that wouldn't tell it all.

I can't thank you enough.Farewell. Take care. Be safe! :)

P.S - I hope you have a great in Australia Halamehi!!!