Thursday, April 2, 2015

Farewell Halamehi...

To: Halamehi

I remember the times when you were there for me through my many tears you helped me really seethat you are always there for me.

You stood close to me like a friend, there for me until the end.I will never forget you, the things you helped me through, I saw my inspiration, it is you, you were always there when I needed you, I now will always have great memories of you.

You would ask me "how are you?" I would say "I'm fine" as tears start to form in my eyes, you always knew that I was really not fine.

You are someone that I want to be like, I found out who that person is, that person is you. I hope that you remember me through your days, you have touched my heart in so many ways.

I look up to you and I see a ray of sunshine shining in on me. I knew God sent me one of his angles when he sent you to me. 

You help through it all coming to save me every time I fall. If I could say one word that wouldn't tell it all.

I can't thank you enough.Farewell. Take care. Be safe! :)

P.S - I hope you have a great in Australia Halamehi!!!

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