Monday, May 7, 2012


Wow! We were going to basketball in the tennis court. Room 3 and Miss G played basketball. We saw a coach named Bruce, so Room 3 called him coach Bruce. When we heard about basketball I thought first we are going to do the hoops and put the ball in. When Bruce did an example of what were we going to play first we had to go into teams.

First we did dribbling relay which the lakers team won. Next we did dribbling cones which the lakers won again and we played run and shoot which the breakers won. The Chicago bulls lost all the time.

I felt happy but I need to practise so I can be good.

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Ierei said...

I enjoyed playing basketballs games. I found the hardest was dribbling and shooting the hoops. Next time I will be better by shooting the ball in the hoops

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