Sunday, June 2, 2013

Michelle's Visit

On Friday we had a guest speaker who spoke to us about how she became successful she is a DJ, sound engineer she is a Cook Islander and a presenter at Nui Fm. Her name is Michelle newton. She came to visit us because we were learning about being successful and how we could become successful. She said “I became a successful person because I studied hard and I listened to my teacher.”

When we put up our hands someone told Michelle to do her mother impression. When she did that it was funny, we were all laughing. I laughed so hard that I was crying. She was here for an hour so that was pretty long. She has 2 dogs, one is a pitbull and the other one was a rottweiler. When we put our hands up someone asked if she was bullied, but she said “no but we should bullying, if you are bullied go and tell a grown up” That was good advice.

When it was over we took some photos. First we had to smile then after we, we made funny faces, I closed my eyes and smiled funny. After that she went and she got us sticker and bookmarks.

My favourite part was when she was doing her impression, that was funny. It was a fun day.

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