Monday, May 11, 2015

Describing My Mom :)

My mom is wonderful to me because she always cares for me, she always make me smile and she loves me until the end of time.

My mom has pale skin, she has freckles on her face (but you can’t really see it on her face).  Her height is short and she is round.  My mum’s name is Elizabeth Ierei Timu and is she a Cook Islander.  My mom goes to university in Auckland. She goes to AUT University.  Sometimes my mom have to go to the shore because of the university she goes too.  My mom gave life to my brother and I.  My lovely mother really loves this K-Pop group named “Super Junior.”  My mum drives a car. My mum is a great cook. Sometimes my mom can get really angry but then she changes into a caring lady.  My mom can have heaps of fun.

Everyday I love my mum and I will never stop loving her.

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Tiere T said...

Hi Ierei!
I loved the way you described your mum(my auntie) in high details. I loved how you picked out the things you like about her. Keep up the good work!!
Yours Faithfully,

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