Friday, September 18, 2015

An Exciting Day~!

18.09.15 Friday
Today was a fun-filling day~!  In the morning we had Grandparents mass, I was so glad that I have invited my Grandparents! After the Grandparents mass we had a special morning tea just for the Grandparents.  The year 8's were hosting it but the sad thing was that only my Nana came not my Grandpa.  I had some biscuits and a cup of tea.  It was delicious~!  There were music playing during our Grandparents morning tea.  

Later on after our actual morning tea, there were the speech competition.  The winners from the years 5,6,7, and 8 get to say their speech in front of the whole school.  All the speeches were amazing and touching.   In the year 7, my classmate Patrick won, in the year 6, Ana-Lei won and in the year 5, Anna-Lisa won.  Out of the year 8, my best friend Aurora won first place~! I was very proud of her~! I kept on hugging her and yelling "You did it~!"

Afterwards we had a sausage sizzle/lunchtime.  I didn't have a sausage sizzle because I had my own lunch.  Then the whole school came together and dance to some music. Some people were inside their classes, for example: Me~! I stayed inside the class, I was listening to my own music, but I wasn't the only one staying inside the class, some of my classmates were inside as well.  It was full of laughter, dancing and singing.  They danced and sang for the whole lunchtime. After then, we all went back to our class and continued with our work.

My highlight for the day was when my best friend Aurora won the speech competition~! I am still proud of her~! My other highlight was when we were dancing and singing because some of my classmates stayed inside the class and I get to listen to my own music~!

But I can't wait till' next week~!!!! 

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