Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Boring Holiday~!

The first week of the holiday, yay! But... It wasn’t just a normal holiday, no! I did nothing!

I was in the sitting room by myself, I decided to play some music while doing the dishes in the kitchen. After cleaning, I turned off the music and watched t.v. And Oh my, watching t.v was boring. There was nothing to watch really. I just turned off the t.v and went to my room, since my brother was on the laptop I just daydreamed in my room lying on my bed, my head lying on the soft pillow and being covered by my blanket. I was comfortable and warm. It felt like I was on the clouds, floating in the sky. 

I could feel my eyes getting heavy, cautiously I feel asleep. When I woke up, I went to look up the window and saw the sky. It was still day time, I was pretty shocked because I thought it was going to be night time. I walked over to the sitting room finding my mom there. She was watching t.v. Since there was nothing to do I just plopped onto the couch and just watched t.v with her. I was still bored, I asked my mum to change the channel.

Basically throughout the holidays I did nothing. It was a pretty boring holiday for me.

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