Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kids for Kids Concert

We practiced our songs for the kids 4 kids. Everytime when it’s nearly home time Miss G would turn on the kids 4 kids music and she would help us.

We would practice everyday, it was fun. We had to practice everyday until it was the day. We had to sing some new songs and Miss G helped us to get the new song right. If we got the tone wrong we would do it again until we got it right. Some of the the tunes were hard to sing. When we practiced we have to close our books and know it off by heart and that was hard for some people but for me it was easy. It was awesome to sing, I sang everyday.

I love to sing, everywhere I go I always sing. Some of the songs were easy to remember but some of the songs were hard, but still fun. It is easy to sing, all you do is just make sure your voice is tuned and it is right for the music.

We usually sang on the mat after eating our fruits. Miss G played the songs on her laptop, there was backing music (that for us to use when we didn’t need the person singing.) and there was the normal music (a person singing our part).

We had to know all the songs off by heart before the day we performed. If we didn’t know the songs off by heart the kids in kids 4 kids would think we hadn’t learnt it.

By the time it was the day we took the books back and went but I wasn’t there when it was the night because I was just too busy and tired.

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