Monday, September 10, 2012

Musical Evening

On a exciting day St Pius X school had a special evening, it was the musical evening. It is when we all come together and stand up and sing or dance.

Before I could go inside the hall I was playing at the playground. Then ring....ring....ring.....ring! the bell went. We lined up like in the morning and the teachers were talking about the musical evening. We went inside the hall, first went room 6 then room 4, room 5 then room 7 and room 3. I was so excited I just wanted to blow up into pieces.

I was thinking the back wall was cool because it had a disk musical sign and the colours were nice. Lavinea started to talk and introduce room 2, they did a song, it was beautiful. Room 1 and 2 then danced. It was room 7 girl that did a maori dance, followed by the room 7 boys also a band called noisy boys, they had different kinds of drums.
They were awesome, when they were finish it was all the room 7 boys that did a fijian dance called the Makoe. When the room 7 boys were finished it was room 6, they did a music mix it was amazing.

Room 5 did 2 musical items on marimba’s and recorders. When room 5 was finish it went to room 4, they did a boogie song, it was awesome. When room 4 was finished it was room three and we did ‘Puppet on a string’ and ‘Somewhere out there’. I had butterflies in my tummy.

When we were finished we went and sat down then it was the finishing act ‘Sister Act’ all together. When we were finished our parents had to get us and go home.

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