Saturday, June 2, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite part of Howick Historical Village was the school because it was great I found the teacher very strict and her name was Mrs Mill. It was very cool, there were pens, inks and a chalkboard. The boys had to bow and the girl had to curtsy. We said “good morning Mrs Miller” then Mrs Miller put us in 2 groups. I sat next to Ramonadel (we had to use the same cloth for our ink pen). We were acting, Mrs Miller was acting as the teacher and we were acting as the children. We were in rows. I felt like I was in the 1800’s!

First we did some handwriting and learnt about the world with the map, we learnt how the English people got to New Zealand.

Next we did a spelling game, it was called a spelling bee we had to spell some words and some of the words were hard to spell.

The last thing we did was learning about money. In the 1800’s the dad liked the note money because when he hears it crackle in his pocket he felt rich. The mother put money in the jar and the kids got money from people for doing chores.

Miss G and Andrew were sitting in the back because they were seniors. Seniors means that they are older and had been at school for a long time.

I think I would like being in school in the past because they got to do lots of fun stuff, but I think the teacher was a bit too strict.

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