Friday, June 8, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

Tom said “can I go and play at the bridge?” So Tom’s mother said “yes, but be careful because there is a dragon who lives there. He will bbq you and will eat you up. So never go, ever go, inside the cave. He will play a little game of chess and when you win he will blow out his fire and if he wins you will fight him so never fight him, ever fight him, never fight him. Next the dragon will tell you to go on his back. When you go on his back he will tell you to open your eyes and when you look down you will fall down so never look down, ever look down, never look down. His teeth are as sharp as a knife, so never go ever go, never go in. Next he will burn up a dough and make it as a bread.”

Tom was sacred but when the dragon looked at him, he was sacred. The dragon said “My mummy said that if I go to a little boy he will make me do all of the work.” Tom said “ I won’t do that.” So Tom and the dragon became friends.

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