Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imagination Story

I woke up in my bedroom and I saw that I was in ice cream 
world. I didn’t know what to do so I asked a person to help me but he said “no there are no rules, you get to do anything you want.” so I said “cool”. It suddenly rained chocolate chips and sprinkles. So I ran back home and got my umbrella and stood in the rain. I walked until I found a man who strangely knew my name, he kidnapped me.

We went to a place where people have awesome adventures. I wanted to run away, but it was awesome, it was not that scary. It had ice cream fountains. When I went where I had to go sleep it was a small place that was old and scary. I was scared I said “I...... want to....... go......... home........” I was shaking a little. The until the man said “it time for you to clean the bathroom and go for an adventure.” I said “no I will stay here until I go back home!” He pushed me to the bathroom, I was sad. I was crying and crying. But instead I cleaned the bathroom and went to have an adventure.

He took me to this place where we had adventures but I was still sad. It stopped raining and came out with an ice cream rainbow. I thought they were going to drop me back home, but instead they dropped me back to the danger zone. Suddenly an angel appeared in front of me, it was glowing and she said “I will save you.” So the angel took me home. She gave me a present I opened it up and inside was ice cream and lollipop! I said “thank you.” I started eating it.

I went back to the real world into my real house into my bedroom and went back to sleep.

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Miss G said...

Great narrative Ierei, you shared and described your parts of the story well. Great imagination.

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